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It's All About The Chemistry

Having any sort of worthwhile coaching means a deep dive into your inner thoughts. Speaker and presentation skills coaching is no different. You will get all the techniques and skills you need too but you will also get coaching.


Deep dive coaching works when the chemistry is right. This means the chemistry between coach and coachee as well as the chemistry between myself and your organisation.

I always insist on an orientation meeting prior to working on any initial coaching programs with a client and this meeting may be face to face or via the telephone.


You can’t book me online directly. You may feel this is an old-fashioned approach but this is as much for my clients benefit as it is for mine.


My ethos is to ensure working with me is as straightforward and transparent as possible whilst always providing my clients with exceptional results and demonstrable value for money.


I always work in a relaxed and stress-free manner whilst maintaining the direct no-nonsense style which all my clients love. My approach is to get the job done for you and for your people.


Once we’ve established, from the initial chemistry meeting, that the right fit does indeed exist, we can then examine all the many options and value-add services available to you.


For example, aside from my main one to one coaching provision, there are:


  • Psychometric profiling options
  • Bootcamp style rapid results sessions
  • Experiential group training workshops
  • Coaching and speaker skill seminars and retreats

       ... plus much more besides


I can tailor and scale all of my offerings to suit your precise needs.


There are many benefits to working with a high quality business coach like myself.


Your first step is to get in touch with me so we can discuss the fit. First we talk then we work.

© 2016 Andrew D. Pope     All rights reserved

© 2016 Andrew D. Pope

All rights reserved