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“If you want to be more successful then be a better speaker”

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Andy has a natural ability and passion to help people to achieve their full potential. What Andy did for me and my speaking ability was one of the biggest professional obstacles I have ever overcome. I went from being extremely anxious about presenting in front of large groups to actually looking forward to it. The insight he offers together with his enthusiasm and professionalism to help you believe in yourself is outstanding. I would highly recommend Andy as a speaker coach or public speaker to anyone who wants to see an improvement.

            Linda Narbeth, Bridgend.


You need an effective message to attract the clients you really want.

Effective communication is clear, simple and deep communication that gets the response you want and that works hard for you. It ensures that your target audience fully understands your message, they’ll remember it and, more importantly, they’ll act on it.

Business owners and professionals like you need to attract quality customers and clients with money but these can be hard to come by. You need to be able to effectively communicate with, influence and sell to your “ideal clients” to maximise your profit.

Is your communication working effectively for you?

Are your sales figures and income high enough?

How can you achieve all this?

The very best way to get quality leads, prospects and clients with money coming straight to you and actually wanting to buy your products, services and expertise is by speaking or presenting directly to your target audience. You'll provide them with solid evidence and proof of the valuable results they'll get when working with you. You’ll tell them the story of your journey.

So why aren't you doing it already?

So what help can I offer you?

You can choose from a range of one to one coaching and training options, take one of my on-line open training courses or pick from a wide selection of speech and presentation design and improvement services.

Any great physical distance between us is not a problem thanks to the wonders of modern technology.

My style - your results

My working style is direct, no-nonsense, highly interactive, practical, intensive, challenging and almost always fun. My style obviously doesn’t suit everyone but I like it that way and it works so I'm sticking with it. Successful results for you are the only things that really matter and that's what we'll focus on. I won’t do it all for you either. It will be a collaboration from the start and you’re fully responsible as the generator of your own success going forward.

Invest in your development and profits right now. Get that all important edge and stand out from your crowd.

First we talk together and then we work together.

Go on - dare to be different!

I recently attended a workshop/seminar that Andrew delivered on public speaking. As an event manager who often recruits speakers for business events, the Holy Grail is finding a speaker who really engages the audience and delivers exactly what their presentation title promises. Andy is such a speaker. He is clearly not only passionate and knowledgeable on the subject of public speaking, but of equal importance is his desire to ensure that he passes the benefits of his expertise to every delegate and meticulously answers every question. From beginning to end, I gained tremendous take-home value from the workshop and it completely surpassed my expectations. I would thoroughly recommend Andy's expertise and style of delivery and would not hesitate in employing him to speak at an event of my own.

  Ben Cook, Cardiff.


Don’t be like most other business people

Most business people are too scared or too lazy to learn to speak and present well. Don't be like most other business people; when you gain more effective communication skills you'll be far above them in terms of confidence, influence and persuasiveness. I nearly forgot to mention that you'll probably make a lot more money.

You need to use these skills well to influence your target audience whilst maintaining the highest ethical integrity.


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