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“If you want to be more successful then be a better speaker”

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Could you benefit from working with me?

I know you could and you’ll be delighted when you hire me.  I can help you with:

All the processes, tools and skills you get are yours to use for ever. I enable people to take control of their own growth. I enable implementation and not just information.

Any great physical distance between us is not a problem thanks to the wonders of modern technology.

Is it just for the gifted or the lucky few?

I passionately believe that the high quality interpersonal communication and strong leadership needed by modern dynamic individuals and organisations can be learnt and successfully applied by all leaders and aspiring leaders.

I also know from personal experience that it can sometimes be a challenge to get there. We can all use some help along the way.

When I started out as a professional trainer, I discovered that I lacked the necessary confidence and skills I needed to succeed. I learned from others and also taught myself the hard way. I implemented the required systems and help others do the same.

With my live training, speaking and 121 coaching programs, I enable many other people and organisational teams to gain or uncover their leadership and communication brilliance and so much more. I can help you too.

Leading and communicating effectively can change lives. It certainly changed mine.

Your results and my philosophy

I always tailor my approach to best suit the individual client. I’d summarise my working style as direct, highly interactive, practical, intensive, challenging and almost always fun.

Does my style suit everyone? Probably not but I like it that way and it works so I'm sticking with it. Successful results for you are the only things that really matter and that's what we'll focus on.

I won’t do it all for you though. It will be a collaboration right from the start and you’re always fully responsible as the generator of your own success going forward.

Invest in your development and skills right now. Implement the strategies and get that all important edge. Start to stand out from your crowd.

First we talk together and then we can work together.

I recently attended a workshop/seminar that Andrew delivered on public speaking. As an event manager who often recruits speakers for business events, the Holy Grail is finding a speaker who really engages the audience and delivers exactly what their presentation title promises. Andy is such a speaker. He is clearly not only passionate and knowledgeable on the subject of public speaking, but of equal importance is his desire to ensure that he passes the benefits of his expertise to every delegate and meticulously answers every question.

From beginning to end, I gained tremendous take-home value from the workshop and it completely surpassed my expectations.

I would thoroughly recommend Andy's expertise and style of delivery and would not hesitate in employing him to speak at an event of my own.

                          Ben Cook, Cardiff

Want brilliant leadership & communication skills?

Verbal branding is the way you choose to represent yourself to the world via your spoken words. To be treated as you’d like to be treated the world has to clearly know who it’s dealing with. You need to get it right and do it with high impact.

Influential and persuasive speaking and presenting gets your messages listened to, remembered and acted on. Implementing this is key to your leadership success.

Understanding and implementing interpersonal skills and leadership style, yours and others, will allow you to work effectively with your teams. Be the leader others follow.

Andy delivered an excellent session to a group of 20 assistant Managers from my group of restaurants. I gave him a 3 part brief, and his session not only met the brief but exceeded my expectations. He quickly got my Managers fully engaged and participating in activities that set them up for the rest of the day and beyond.

Following Andy’s session in the morning every Manager fully engaged and took part in breakout activities and presented back to their peers at least once. This was unprecedented as there are usually a number of Managers who lack the confidence to stand up in front of their peers. 

The impact of the session has extended beyond the day and has positively impacted on the confidence of those who attended.

I’ve received positive feedback from everyone about Andy’s session and I will definitely be hiring him again for future meetings.

Arlo Swinson

Operations Consultant

McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd.

Go on - dare to be different!

High quality and effective leadership demands that you implement and maintain high quality and effective communication strategies. You and your executive teams need the following to maximise success:

Why is implementing these things important?

Check my

Schedule a free ½ hour no-obligation  Skype or GoTo Meeting consultation to see how we can work best together.